The refrigerator in the house wasn’t for placing food alone. Very early, maybe when hunger strikes since you forget the long time spent without eating anything, after all, all the time was meant for him. It’s kind of normal. At least for my case, I wouldn’t exactly be compared to normal.

To be truthful about this, I’ve always found it difficult searching for my synonyms out there and this is sometimes just as awesome. Some synonyms are missing here and there and a lot of singularities, and let me tell you, it’s got annoyances.

However, all this daydream revolves around the refrigerator at home, not the synonyms – and if I’d ask, have you heard of a synonym for a refrigerator? Too bad, I just sort her in search of an idea. I open and shut the door, but there’s nothing. The day before yesterday, I spotted my sister open the door in search of a melody for her music, at the same time holding herself between the yogurts as she tapped her foot rhythmically, placing her hand on her chin. Refrigerators are incredible song preservatives.

Watch out. Her awesome aunt may have opened the door, hummed, and went away.

I utter this because people show up distracted, open the refrigerator door, take a few actions related to what they’re searching for, and go away, determined to understand whatever without taking the food. Never. Or maybe we shouldn’t forget the early hours.

They pick up something no one can see frozen between the icy pots and bowls. A couple of times they get out full of frustration, but I understand. If you got no losses in the fridge, then where are you?

Yesterday, now speaking about myself, I opened the door around noon, in search of stubbornness, and as usual, she was cold. These things never get hot in the oven, everyone is aware.

Why? Because between the opening and closing of doors, I’m understanding to release the cold and let go.

Clarice Freire.

This short article was written by one of the members of swimming pool resurfacing in Dallas, TX.

A nice drawing of a freezerless refrigerator

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