The flame couldn’t remember its true self because it was shaking so much. It also called out to no one. Flames aren’t exactly favorable with most. You may say “The flames are clearly flickering”. I think it’s a little more than just a simple flicker going on. The flames have a special brightness beyond what can be made with a mere tremble.

Flames will try their best to stay alive and avoid being devoured completely. All flames have this gift, and it’s not something that everyone can truly wrap their heads around. There is a special calling that the flames leave. They quickly go away when they start the dangerous act of shaking. Their life can end right before your eyes.

Finding the flickering was quite difficult, given the absence of flames to call and the shakiness of the flame. The flame needs the sun to keep the moths at bay, and the cold and darkness was beginning to take over. There was nothing the flame could do except tremble and wait for its life to end at the hands of a strong wind gust from some location close to it.

A traveler, like a concrete contractor in Corpus Christi on the way to a job, walked simply near the flame. There was a sign of warmth in his face, a light in his heart, and wind under his feet. On his travels, he took a box with him that carried the soft voices he encountered. It’s not easy to find soft voices like these, but the traveler was able to gather them and keep them away from the cold. All travelers have this gift, and it’s not something that everyone can wrap their heads around, especially if they don’t travel. When looking at the flame for the first time, he embraced it and was able to see what was wrong. The flame’s flickering light was missed by him.

By using a bit of his heart’s glow, the traveler was able to open the box filled with soft whispers. He took great care in selecting the whispers. He looked at them as he sent them into the flame one by one, with a tremble happening after the voices meet the flame. Time passed and hot and cold had their moments. There was one final tremble from the flame with brilliant eloquence.

A burn

Once more,


Clarice Freire.

We’ve all had the chance to meet a traveler like this. To everyone who uses their whisper box to reach out to the flames and rekindle, this post is a way of saying thank you. You’re probably familiar with the ones in your life.

For the flames that flicker with courage, this is for you too.

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